Customising Transactional Emails

If it is necessary to change the any of the transactional emails, it is possible to do this from within the administrator interface. First let’s clarify the term transactional email, by this consider the following forms that are generated with the standard operating processes:
Contact Form
Credit Memo Update
Credit Memo Update for Guest
Currency Update Warning
Forget Admin Password
Forgot Password
Invoice Update
Invoice Update for Guest
Log cleanup Warning
Moneybookers activate Email
New Credit Memo
New Credit Memo for Guest
New Invoice
New Invoice for Guest
New Order
New Order for Guest
New Shipment
New Shipment for Guest
New account
New account for Guest
Newsletter subscription confirmation
Newsletter subscription success
Newsletter unsubscription success
Order Update
Order Update for Guest
Payment Failed
Product alerts Cron error
Product price alert
Product stock alert
Remind Password
Send product to a friend
Share Wishlist
Shipment Update
Shipment Update for Guest
Sitemap generate Warnings
Token Status Change

To update any of these forms it is possible to enter the Administrator Backend. Then go to the following menu option System -> Transactional Emails.

Then Add New Template. From the new form that opens:

Backend -> System -> Transactional Emails -> Add New Template -> Load default template

This will allow selection of the forms listed above when selecting the Template* dropdown.

Then select the locale dropdown to define the language option that the new template will be applied to.

When the Load Template button is selected this will populate the bottom half of the form and it will be possible to customise this directly and save it. This template will then be used for the conditions applied.

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